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Our health plans allow you to spread the cost of your pet’s annual wellness care over 12 months. You receive all the recommended preventive care your pet needs, with convenient monthly payments!

Prevention is the key to better health!

 You know prevention is the key to good health – and avoiding sudden expenses. But even routine veterinary care can be difficult to work into your budget, and your busy schedule. With that in mind, Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of monthly health care plans to meet all of your pet’s wellness needs, while helping you budget and saving you money.

Connect with your veterinarian and our knowledgeable and caring staff.

Your Health Plan includes regular office visits and comprehensive physical exams with your veterinarian. Catching problems early keeps your pet healthy! We even offer plans with unlimited office visits and exams!

Protect your pet from illness and disease.

Your Health Plan includes all of the vaccinations that your pet needs to stay healthy. We offer plans that include spay or neuter, dental cleaning, and microchipping, providing complete protection and safety for your pet.

Prevent unseen health issues from becoming serious.

In addition to comprehensive physical exams, your veterinarian will perform a range of diagnostic tests to catch and treat health problems early. Services include blood pressure and EKG screening, preventive X-ray screening, heartworm testing, and complete labwork screening.

Plan ahead and save.

In addition to providing the best health care for your pet, and helping you budget and schedule, your Health Plan saves you money! Covered services always cost less with a health plan, and your monthly price is guaranteed for the plan year.

See how our health plans for Dogs and Cats can keep your pet healthy and happy!

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