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Nutrition for Health & Wellness

Nutrition plays such an important role in the health of our pets. What we feed our pets (and how much) can have a large impact on their quality of life.

The choice of food at the store can be overwhelming, and choosing the right one for your pet’s age, size, and unique needs can be daunting! There are so many brands, ingredients, and flavors to pick from before you even start trying to decipher the health claims.

We are here to help cut through the confusion! We can provide specific diet recommendations for food allergies or sensitivities, weight loss, or just general health. In addition to a variety of therapeutic diets stocked in the clinic and in our online store, our Pet Boutique in Springboro carries a wide assortment of treats that are healthy, economical, and compatible with a variety of special diets.

Feeding Plans

Customized feeding plans take the guesswork out of meal time

If your pet needs a special diet, is overweight, or you are just confused by your pet food labels, you will love our customized Feeding Plans.

This is a guide made just for you and your pet – his weight, his goals, and the food and treats he likes. You will know how much to feed and how much to treat, without scrutinizing food labels.

Post it on the fridge and everyone in the house will know exactly what to do to keep your pet on track!

Food Recommendations

For pets with certain medical conditions, special dietary restrictions are sometimes indicated. If your veterinarian recommends a restricted diet, the following resources can help you find appropriate foods at the pet store.

NOTE: Links below go to external web sites. Information on these sites is subject to change and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Please consult with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.

Cats with Diabetes

Your veterinarian may recommend restricting your pet’s diet to wet foods that are low in carbohydrates. Diabetic cats who are also overweight may need to restrict fat intake as well as carbohydrates. 

Cats with Kidney Disease

Your vet may advise a high-moisture diet with restricted phosphorous and protein.

Restricted Protein and Phosphorous Foods

We’re Here to Help

Call or contact us online with questions about pet nutrition, or ask about it at your next appointment!

Note: We are happy to respond to public inquiries with general questions about pet food. However, we cannot make specific dietary recommendations for a pet, especially for the management of a medical condition, without a doctor-client-patient relationship. If we have not seen your pet in the past 12 months, we will need to schedule an appointment to see your pet in order to provide specific advice and recommendations.