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No, a health plan is not an insurance policy. It does not provide reimbursement for emergency care or other unexpected expenses. Rather, health plans allow you to budget your pet’s essential preventive care by breaking the cost of a year’s worth of preventive health services into equal monthly payments.

You also save money, because these services are provided at a discounted rate when you pay for them as part of a health plan and maintain your health plan for the entire year.

For pet insurance that covers unexpected major medical expenses, Trupanion is Bigger Road’s preferred provider.

A $45 enrollment fee and the first monthly fee are all that’s required to start a health plan and begin using the included services.

Yes! You can start a health plan for your pet at any time and, once enrolled, you can begin taking advantage of included services immediately. This will often save you money up-front, because the $45 enrollment and first monthly fees may be less than the normal cost of your pet’s scheduled services.

Once enrolled, your pet’s health plan lasts for a year, and requires monthly payments for 12 months. At the end of the 12 month term, you can choose to renew the plan for another year.

No. As long as you are enrolled in a health plan continuously for 12 months, there is no enrollment fee to renew it.

No. As long as you maintain your Puppy/Kitten plan enrollment, there is no enrollment fee to convert to an Adult plan.

No, one health plan is for one pet’s complete preventive care. However, if you wish to enroll additional pets in health plans, we are currently waiving the enrollment fee for any additional pets, as long as you have at least one active health plan. You pay only the monthly fees for each additional health plan.

Yes! When you prepay for a health plan, you know that your pet’s preventive health care needs will be met for the entire year.

If your pet has received services greater in value than what you have paid into the plan, you will be required to pay the difference before the plan can be cancelled. If the value of services already received is less than what you have paid, the difference will be refunded to you (excluding the $45 enrollment fee).

Discounts on services apply only when a health plan is maintained for 12 months. When a plan is cancelled early, any services already received will be assessed at full price when determining the charge or refund due at cancellation.

When you enroll in a health plan, you are entering into an agreement with Bigger Road to provide covered services for your pet, just as with any other services you receive from us.

We allow VPI to process your health plan payments and handle administrative details, so that our staff can focus on giving your pet the best health care possible. However, Bigger Road still owns your health plan contract, and your relationship is directly with us.