Dog post surgery


The thought of your pet undergoing a surgical procedure can be scary. We put every precaution in place to make sure your pet’s surgical or dental procedure is as safe as possible.

Before Your Pet’s Surgery

surgery area
Surgery Suite

We start with pre-anesthetic blood testing to make sure they are in good health and can recover smoothly. Your pet’s surgical team is comprised of your veterinarian, a licensed veterinary technician and a veterinary assistant, all of whom have undergone extensive training and stay at your pet’s side throughout the entire procedure.

We place an IV Catheter for fluids or IV medications that may need to be administered and so we have access to a vein at all times. IV fluids are used in many of our surgical and dentistry procedures to help your pet stay hydrated and process the anesthesia.

During Your Pet’s Surgery

laser surgery
Dr. Elizabeth Blakelock, DVM demonstrates the surgical laser

During the entire procedure, your pet is kept warm with a circulating warm water pad or warm air blanket. Your pet’s body temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation are monitored continuously and recorded every five minutes.

Surgical Laser

The use of our surgical laser helps decrease pain, as well as bleeding and swelling. We use this piece of equipment for most of our surgical procedures because it makes such a difference in the comfort of your pet.

After Surgery

Once the procedure is complete your pet will remain on a warming pad to keep them comfortable while our team sits with them until they are completely awake.

Pain control is an important part of our care plans and any pet undergoing a surgical or dental procedure receives pain medication.

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