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Dog Training in Dayton, OH


Our revolutionary Dog Montessori program is unlike anything else in Dayton and goes way beyond daycare. Our Montessori programs for puppies and adult dogs combine: 

  • One-on-one time with our trainers focused on specific behavior goals
  • Desensitization to triggers present at home, at the vet, and more
  • Group training classes or private consultations that teach you how to nurture desired behaviors

Montessori school for dogs benefit from critical socialization and learn good manners. Unlike some other facilities, our day care schedule also includes planned break times because we know that it’s important behaviorally and emotionally for dogs to rest and recharge.


Our unique Montessori program near Dayton combines your pet’s day care with Day Training! Your pet receives one-on-one sessions with our trainers throughout the day, learning new cues and behaviors, being desensitized to common stressors, and much more. The one-on-one curriculum is customized to each pet’s needs.

Also included in all Montessori packages is a four-week evening or weekend group training class for puppies, or two private consultations for adult dogs, where our trainers teach you and your dog how to understand each other. This critical component of a successful training plan teaches you how to reinforce good behaviors at home and communicate with your dog.

Staff & Curriculum

Day Care

Our staff training follows the renowned Dog Gurus curriculum for safe off-leash dog play.

Rather than being reactive to behavior issues when they arise, our staff is trained to spot subtle behavior cues that can precede problems and proactively manage them. The result is happier dogs, lower stress and anxiety, and better, safer playtime.

Behavior Assessment

Our observations begin with the initial behavior assessment for adult dogs. This no-charge assessment, required for all dogs aged six months or older, allows us to get to know pets and place them where they are most likely to thrive. Assessing all dogs prior to admitting them also helps to ensure your pet’s safety.

One-on-One Training

Dog Training

Our Montessori program truly shines in its ability to target specific behavior goals for your pet, with one-on-one training sessions throughout the day. This can include teaching common cues and behaviors, working on specific behavior issues, and desensitizing pets to stressors present in the home, the vet clinic, or other places.

Dogs in our Montessori program have happier, less stressful vet visits because they are gently acclimated to scales, syringes, nail trimmers, and other environmental stressors. They are also happier and less anxious at home because we can work with them on a variety of other environmental triggers, from wheelchairs to walkers to vacuums.

Every part of our Montessori program sets you and your dog up for success and supports their emotional and behavioral development.

Hours & Pricing

7 am – 6 pm, Monday – Friday

Drop off early and pick up late – we are here to accommodate your busy schedule! Pets receive plenty of rest breaks and one-on-one time throughout the day.

Schedule an Appointment

Our schedule fills up fast! Call us at 937-435-3262 for our Kettering office or 937-514-7702 for our Springboro office to schedule or schedule online! Because we carefully manage group sizes in day care and want to ensure plenty of one-on-one training time for every pet, we cannot accommodate walk-ins.

If your dog is aged six months or older, please plan ahead: the first appointment will be a no-charge behavior assessment, usually lasting a few hours. After your dog has passed the initial behavior assessment, we can schedule a full day of play.

Sometimes puppies need to ease into a daycare and training routine, so we offer half-days (mornings or afternoons) at a reduced rate for dogs under six months of age.