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Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic is a full-service veterinary medical facility with locations in Kettering, OH and Springboro, OH. We are a progressive practice with 7 veterinarians, offering the latest advances in medical, surgical and dental care, as well as alternative therapies and nutrition, behavior, and lifestyle counseling. Our Kettering location also offers full-service grooming and boarding.

Find out why over 98% of our clients would refer friends and family to us! Please call or contact us online today to learn how the veterinarians and compassionate staff at Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.

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Bigger Road Veterinary ClinicLoretta Good, that's great! Here's some more info about the Run, Walk & Wag for anyone who's interested! hours ago

Loretta GoodIzzy dog and I are running in the Miamisburg Run, Walk & Wag this weekend!23 hours ago

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Whoops! We got busy taking care of some pretty important patients yesterday and didn't get a chance to answer to the #askbiggervet post! We had so many good questions that we're going to answer several and will apply a $10 credit to the accounts of each client who had a selected question! Stay tuned for future #askbiggervet posts for your chance to ask questions and enter to win prizes! Mike asked: "What is the best way to give your pet a flea/heartworm pill?" *Good question Mike. We know how hard this can be! Most of these pills need to be given with food, so use that in your favor. Offer them their pill in a delicious treat, right before their meal, so they are hungry and eager to eat. If the traditional pill pocket style treat doesn't work we suggest hiding the pill in a bit of bread, cheese, peanut butter, or even a marshmallow! You can try cutting the pill in half or quarters and giving it in smaller bites if need be. You might try offering a treat without the pill first as a "decoy". If this still doesn't work or your pet has dietary restrictions ask your veterinarian for other options. Jenice asked: "How do you know how much to feed your cat a day?" *Another great question. While you can certainly start with the recommendations on the bag or cans, many cats have other needs to consider. We customize feeding plans that take into account your pet's current weight, ideal weight, age, lifestyle, and what you prefer to feed. That way we can meet both the needs of you and your cat! We can send you a custom feeding plan today - it's free - or we can put one together at your next visit. Deborah asked: " My cat get crystals in his bladder, he is on CD Hill's Prescription Diet Urinary Tract Health food. I have been told from a friend that the crystals form due to calcium in faucet water. Is this true and if so what water is best for him? Would a pur water filter hooked up to my faucet be something that would take out the calcium?" *Deborah, while a water filter certainly won't hurt, we don't have any studies telling us it makes a difference in these cases. What we do have is lots of science behind how the prescription diets prevent cats from forming crystals. However, because we want cats that form crystals to drink more water, our best suggestion is to offer the water he thinks tastes best! We find that many cats prefer a recirculating water fountain and recommend that owners try this to get their cats to drink more. Jodi asked "Is 2 miles too long of a distance to jog with my 8 mos pit/lab mix puppy? She tolerates it well then still has energy to play at home, but I don't want to harm her bones/growth?" *This is a really good question Jodi and we're so happy that you're including your sweet pup in your exercise routine! When exercising outdoors with your dog you want to consider the same factors you would if you were exercising alone: temperature, hydration, paying attention to your body, and working up longer distances slowly. The one additional thing you need to think about is the ground. Dogs can burn their paw pads on hot pavement, and if they aren't used to running outside their pads may be tender and will need to toughen over time. Keep walks short or stick to the grass if the pavement is hot or they're new at outdoor exercise. You want to make sure they have the fitness and strength to handle the exercise. Most importantly, have fun and don't forget to bring a baggie for potty break cleanups! ... See MoreSee Less

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Take a look at Sherrie, one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians, using the therapy laser on one of our most beloved patients, Roslyn. Roslyn has had laser therapy before, with great success, and when she started limping yesterday her mom called us right up to get her in so she could start feeling better. The therapy laser reduces pain and inflammation, and expedites healing. Would your pet benefit from this easy, non-invasive therapy? See what else it can do at ... See MoreSee Less

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Mars Petcare has expanded their recall of Pedigree dry dog food RECALL EXPANDED to Ohio: Pedigree Dry Dog Food (9/2/2014)
As we reported last week, Mars Petcare recalled specific bags of Pedigree Adult dry dog food, sold at Dollar General stores in other states. Mars has now expanded the recall to include 55lb. bags of food sold at Sam's Club stores in Ohio.

Mars Petcare has expanded their recall of Pedigree dry dog food RECALL: Pedigree dry dog food – Ohio pet owners not affected (8/28/2014)
Mars Petcare has announced a recall of Pedigree dry dog food, affecting 22 bags of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food. The food was sold in Dollar General stores in 4 states, and Ohio pet owners are not impacted by the recall.

Protect Pets from Birds of Prey Protecting Pets from Birds of Prey (8/18/2014)
After receiving a report of a red-tailed hawk preying on a patient in the Kettering area, we wanted to share the following tips for keeping your pets safe from birds of prey.

Trifexis-Logo.193131124_std (1) Trifexis is still safe for your pet (8/1/2014)
You may have seen a recent news broadcast warning dog owners about the heartworm and flea product, Trifexis. We wouldn't normally comment on a story like this, but we wanted to make sure that all our clients know that our doctors are aware of the segment and we have investigated all the claims made.

underwater-treadmill Bigger Road patients benefit from underwater treadmill (7/28/2014)
Underwater treadmill is gaining popularity for rehabilitation purposes, as well as for general fitness. We wanted to share videos of two of our patients, Maggie and Kylie, who have benefited from this therapy!

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