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It’s scary when our pets get sick. They can’t tell us how they’re feeling, which makes good diagnostic equipment and experienced veterinarians so important. We provide in house, advanced pet diagnostics near Dayton Ohio, so your pet gets the care it needs immediately, from the trusted veterinarian who knows them best.

Why Diagnostics?


A thorough physical exam provides our doctors a tremendous amount of information, but sometimes it doesn’t give us all the answers we need. Our in house lab equipment helps us find out what’s going on inside your pet.

Blood and urine tests can catch early signs of disease before symptoms even start. Treating diseases early can make a remarkable difference in the long term health of your pet. Getting a baseline lab screening early in life is important so we can identify what is normal for your pet.

We check blood work on all pets that undergo anesthesia for a surgical or dental procedure to make sure they are in good health and can recover smoothly.

We recommend annual screenings for adults and twice-yearly screenings for our senior dogs and cats and those pets that have chronic illnesses or are on certain medications. This helps us catch changes early and modify our treatment plan to help your pet live the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible.


Digital X-Ray

While lab results can tell us what’s going on inside your pet, our X-ray units allow us to actually see it. We use dental and full body x-ray machines that immediately produce images that our doctors can interpret onsite.

Should your pet need to follow up with a specialist, the digital machines we use allow us to send those images in an instant so there is no delay in your pet getting the care they need when they need it.

Digital Ultrasound

We use our ultrasound machine to view your pet’s organs, in a format similar to a video. We can measure size, see densities, and even watch the heart pump and see blood flow. Our ultrasound is digital, so we can send full ultrasound studies, or images to specialists that may provide additional insight or provide follow up care should your pet require it.

Other Diagnostics

We want to provide exceptional care to you and your pet. That’s why, in addition to our big equipment, we also have smaller tools that can diagnose eye, skin, and urinary conditions within minutes.


Having hospitals with a full range of diagnostic instruments means that we can customize the care your pet receives during your visit, giving us immediate answers, and allowing us to start treatment immediately. It gives our veterinarians great peace of mind to be able to provide advanced diagnostics in-house and quickly.

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