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Introducing Virtual Visits! Telemedicine for Your Pet

See your vet without leaving home


We are happy to introduce Virtual Visits – online video consults with your Bigger Road veterinarians! Using your mobile device and telemedicine technology from Airvet, your veterinarian can consult with you on video about your pet and even diagnose and treat more common issues, without you needing to come to the clinic.

Telemedicine is:

  • Convenient – See your pet’s preferred veterinarian, another Bigger Road veterinarian, or a vet in the Mission Veterinary Partners network (depending on your preference and doctor availability).
  • Affordable – About half the cost of a regular office visit.
  • Fear Free – Get help for some common issues without your pet needing to leave your home.
  • How It WorksTelemedicine works with your schedule

Choose Your Veterinarian

For non-urgent issues, choose to connect with your preferred veterinarian at Bigger Road. Your veterinarian will receive your request and respond, usually within 24 hours.

For more urgent concerns, choose to connect with the first available veterinarian. This will be a Bigger Road veterinarian if available, or another vet in the Mission Veterinary Partners network.

  • Note: If you are connected with a veterinarian outside of our office, or if your pet has not been seen in our office within the last 12 months, the vet will be able to triage your pet’s situation, provide general education, and advise if emergency care is recommended, but will not be able to diagnose or prescribe medications for your pet remotely.

For life-threatening emergencies, please immediately contact CARE Center at (937) 428-0911 or MedVet Dayton at (937) 293-2714. We cannot handle emergencies virtually.

Visit With Your Vet Virtually

During your virtual visit, your vet can see you, talk with you, and visually evaluate your pet on video. You can also send high-resolution photos to your vet while on the call, and use live text chat during and after.

Next Steps

If your pet has been seen by a vet in our clinic within the last 12 months, and your vet feels your pet’s issue can be handled remotely, they may suggest a treatment plan and/or prescribe medication to be picked up at the clinic or a local pharmacy.

If your pet has not been seen at our clinic in the last 12 months or you choose to consult with a Mission Veterinary Partners network doctor, not within our clinic, they will advise if emergency care is needed, provide general education and support, and have you follow up with your regular doctor when available. However, they cannot diagnose or treat a patient without a pre-existing doctor-client-patient relationship.

Follow Up

You can easily follow up with the veterinarian via Live Chat for 72 hours after your telemedicine visit. Of course, you can always call to follow-up.

  • Getting StartedDownload Airvet now!

1. Download the Airvet app

Google Play StoreAirvet Android App
iPhone App StoreAirvet iOS App

2. Create an account and select Bigger Road as your primary hospital

3. Select your pet’s primary veterinarian

4. Complete your profile

5. Request your Virtual Visit!