Behavior Workshops

Pet Behavior Workshops
Super Focused for Super Results


Are you trying to tackle pet behavior issues with a packed family schedule?

Is your pet well-behaved except for one specific thing?

Have you already completed training classes with your dog but need a little extra help with a problem behavior?

Are you happy with your dog’s behavior but wish you could teach him a new skill?

Our behavior workshops can help! 

  • Workshops are one focused hour packed with information, tips, and demonstrations
  • Each workshop focuses on addressing specific problem behaviors or teaching specific skills
  • Workshops are easy to fit into your busy schedule and are a great value


We vary our workshop schedule to address a variety of the most helpful and in-demand topics. See a schedule of upcoming workshops. Recent workshops have covered topics like:

Polite House Manners

Problem Behaviors: stealing, door darting, begging

Skills Taught: wait at doorway, leave it, drop it, sit & wait for feeding

Walk with Me

Problem Behaviors: pulling on leash, over-excitement when leashing

Skills Taught: loose-leash walking, sitting for leashing

Come with Me

Problem Behaviors: selective hearing in public, avoiding coming indoors

Skills Taught: reliable recall

Jumping Up

Problem Behaviors: jumping on guests, counter surfing

Skills Taught: targeting, appropriate greeting

Boredom Busters

Problem Behaviors: chewing, digging, barking

Skills Taught: interactive feedings, enrichment games, positive interruptions

Settle and Stay

Problem Behaviors: repeating cues, problems staying

Skills Taught: sit / down, go to mat, release cue

Happy Nail Trims

Problem Behaviors: fear of nail trims

Skills Taught: voluntary chin rests, voluntary paw lifts, desensitization to nail trim process

Tricks and Games

Skills Taught: find it, hide & seek, get it, take a bow, dancing on cue

Happy Vet Visits

Problem Behaviors: fear of vet visits, difficulty administering medications

Skills Taught: chin rests, desensitization to vaccines, examination, restraint, easy administration of medications