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Fear Free – Meet Ash!

Ash, Bigger Road's Fear-Free success story!

Ash, Bigger Road’s Fear-Free success story!

Meet Ash! This handsome boy is a new patient of Bigger Road.

His previous experiences at other vets haven’t been so great. His owner talked about how nervous he gets and how he’s always been muzzled. He said these vet visits are the only situations Ash is like this, and he hated taking him to other clinics, and was looking for a better experience for both of them.

Today he met Dr. Blakelock, who sat on the floor while she gave him lots of delicious treats. Ash also loves tennis balls, and we had them at the ready!

We did Ash’s entire exam, drew blood, and gave him his vaccines – all on the floor- all with no muzzle. Ash was happy and relaxed and his owner was thrilled!

About Fear Free℠

Bigger Road is at the forefront of a Fear Free℠ revolution in veterinary care! We now understand so much more about our pets’ emotional needs and how stress and anxiety impact their health and happiness.

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Fear Free – Meet Oreo!

(Thanks to our friends at DVM360 for telling Oreo’s story!)

From DVM360:

Once upon a time there was a shy pooch named Oreo. She didn’t dig going to the vet. Then something magical happened: Her owner and the veterinary team at Bigger Road Veterinary Center in Springboro, Ohio, worked together to practice lower stress handling techniques that transformed her experience. See how this gentle pup’s veterinary visits changed in this video.

Fear Free – Meet Dobby!

(Thanks for our friends at DVM360 for telling Dobby’s story!)

From DVM360:

Once upon a time, Dobby was terrified to go the veterinary clinic with all of its unfamiliar smells, sights, sounds and experiences. Hear all about how the veterinary team at Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic in Springboro, Ohio, is changing Dobby’s perceptions with “happy visits.” Though still a work in progress, in time this will be a true story of happily ever after.