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Guess the Breed: Guinness! (Dog DNA Test)

Guinness monitors workplace productivity.

Guinness monitors workplace productivity.

Today is Guinness’s 6th birthday! Guinness lives (and often works) with our Business Manager, Jesse, and he wears many hats. Guinness’s duties at Bigger Road include: office productivity manager, official toy and treat tester, staff therapist, fashion model, and monkey impersonator. Not bad for a 6-year-old!

For our office buddy’s birthday, we ordered a

Guinness works tirelessly as our official product tester

Guinness works tirelessly as our official product tester

DNA test to find out what mix of breeds makes him so awesome. Guinness would love your birthday wishes, but he’d also love your guesses about his breed before we reveal the official family tree in a couple of weeks!

Share your guesses (and birthday wishes!) on our Facebook page!

We’ll have some cool prizes for people who participate on Facebook by September 16th, 2015:

  • If you guess 1 breed component correctly: $20 off a dog DNA test for your own pet!
  • If you guess 2 (or more) breed components correctly: $40 off a dog DNA test for your own pet!
  • Guinness takes a well-deserved break.

    Guinness takes a well-deserved break.

    2 random winners (whether the guess is correct or incorrect) will get a $20 gift certificate to spend on treats, toys, and other fun stuff at our Pet Boutique in Springboro!

What are you waiting for? Join Guinness on Facebook!


GuinnessContest fine print:

  • Anyone who posts on the Bigger Road Facebook page by September 16, 2015, and provides a guess about Guinness’s breed mix is entered in the contest.
  • However, winners must be able to travel to one of our two clinics in order to collect prizes. The discounted DNA test requires a no-charge appointment to collect a blood sample, which can be scheduled at either clinic. The $20 gift certificate is for products at the Pet Boutique, which is located at our Springboro office.


Happy Birthday, Guinness!



Guess the Breed: Family Tree Revealed! (Dog DNA Test)

11986361_1131965496831102_5902303216084472193_nAs we told you a few weeks ago, our Dr. Nichole Olp has a beautiful pup named Isis. Dr. Olp recently ordered a DNA test for Isis to find out what mix of breeds make her friend who she is.

The results are in, and Isis’s family tree is surprising, to say the least!

Isis's Family Tree

Isis’s Family Tree

As you can see (and may have guessed from her pictures), Isis has Shar-Pei on both sides of her family tree. From there it gets a little more interesting, as the DNA test also revealed Staffordshire Bull TerrierWhippet, and Bernese Mountain Dog!

Curious about your own pet’s history? Read more about DNA testing for dogs and Call or contact us online!

Guess Isis’s Breed! (Dog DNA Test)

Meet Isis!



She is a sweet, 5-year-old rescue who lives with Bigger Road’s Dr. Nichole Olp. Dr. Olp has always wondered about the mix of breeds that make Isis who she is, so she decided to find out!

Using Royal Canin’s Genetic Health Analysis kit, we sent off a sample of Isis’s DNA to be analyzed. When the results come back in a couple of weeks, the breeds of Isis, her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents will all be revealed!

But in the meantime, we want to know what YOU think, and we have prizes! All you have to do is tell us on Facebook what you think Isis’s breed mix is, before August 28th, 2015!

  • Anyone who guesses at least one breed component correctly will receive $20 off the price of a Genetic Health Analysis for their own pet!
  • Anyone who guesses at least two breed components correctly will receive $40 off a Genetic Health Analysis!

Wnichole-olp-dvme’ll also randomly choose one client’s guess (correct or not) for the client’s choice of:

  • free Nina Ottosson smart toy (up to a $30 value)
  • free self-service bath in our Pet Spaw in Springboro (a $17 value)
  • A $20 gift certificate for pet treats, toys, and beauty supplies from our Pet Boutique in Springboro

What are you waiting for? Join us on Facebook and guess Isis’s breed!

About the Genetic Health Analysis

isis-3Royal Canin’s Genetic Health Analysis is available only through veterinarians. In addition to being more accurate and identifying more breeds than other tests, it also includes genetic testing for specific hereditary health conditions.

Call or contact us online us to learn more or schedule a Genetic Health Analysis!

Facebook: Guess Isis’s Breed!