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ThunderShirt is the original calming garment for cats and dogs. By fitting snugly and applying constant, gentle pressure, similar to swaddling a baby, ThunderShirt reduces stress, anxiety, and fear in a variety of situations.

We use ThunderShirts every day in the clinic for nervous patients, to help them have a stress-free visit. And our Pet Boutique in Springboro carries the full line of ThunderShirt products for you to use at home.

ThunderShirt is Effective For:

Thunder Storms
Vet Visits
Other Stressful Situations

ThunderShirt is available for purchase at both our Kettering and Springboro locations. At our Springboro Pet Boutique, we carry a full line of ThunderShirt Products:

Classic for Dogs and Cats

Thundershirt Heather Gray Polo

Camo Polo for Dogs

Thundershirt Camo Polo

Pink Polo for Dogs

Thundershirt Pink Polo

Blue Polo for Dogs

Thundershirt Blue Polo

ThunderLeash for Dogs


ThunderLeash converts in seconds from a leash to a no-pull harness. When your dog pulls, the leash applies gentle pressure to encourage your pet to stay with you.

ThunderCap for Dogs

ThunderCap Calming Cap

ThunderCap helps in situations where stress is caused or worsened by excessive visual stimuli. Your dog can see through the cap, but vision is filtered to ease over-stimulation.