Feliway & Adaptil

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dapfeliwayFeliway and Adaptil
 are veterinary exclusive calming products for cats and dogs. Using pheromones from a spray or plug-in diffuser, these products make your pet feel safe and relaxed.

Feliway and Adaptil products are available for purchase at both our Kettering location and our Pet Boutique at the Springboro Veterinary Center.


feliway-4Feliway is used in stressful situations for cats. Stress may lead to disturbing behavior (urine-marking, scratching, aggressiveness).

The use of Feliway spray or the Feliway diffuser will artificially reproduce the facial marking that is natural to cats.

We use the Feliway diffusers in our exam rooms and cat ward, and the Feliway spray in our lobby and on our doctors' jackets!


adaptilAdaptil contains DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone), the synthetic equivalent of the pheromone secreted by lactating dogs to reassure their pups on contact. Adaptil helps dogs handle stressful situations better (separation, weaning, transportation, fear of noises, etc.) and enables them to adapt to new situations.

We use the Adaptil diffusers in our exam rooms, and the Adaptil spray on our doctors' jackets!