What to Expect

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At Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic we approach euthanasia with as much respect, dignity and kindness as possible.  We offer options that are designed to comply with the desires of most pet owners, and we work hard to meet any special needs you may have.

We offer private euthanasia appointments for owners and their families that would like to be present.  We also offer drop off appointment for those who choose not to be present and to leave their pet in our care.  In addition we also work with a doctor in the area who will do in appointments in your home.  It is a personal decision and every family and situation is different.

The actual procedure is made as painless as possible.  We prefer to place a  catheter in the vein of your pet while away from you and your family.  This often eases the fear and uncertainty for the family and your pet is handled with much care and tenderness by our staff while away from you.  Our technicians are highly trained and can place a catheter virtually painlessly and quickly.  The only pain your pet will feel is from the prick of the needle.  The catheter is then taped in place and the area wrapped with a light bandage.  There are no drugs given to your pet with out your presence or knowledge.

The drug that is used works much like an anesthetic overdose.   It is painlessly injected into the catheter and works very quickly.  It first affects the brain by causing unconsciousness and then stops the function of the heart and lungs.  Most pets simply go to sleep before they pass away.  Some pets will vocalize, especially if they are naturally a vocal pet.  They may lose control of their bowels and their bladder due to the relaxation of their muscles.

You and your family are welcome to be close to your pet during this time.  We encourage you to talk to your pet, to touch and soothe them.  Once your pet has passed away you may spend as much time as you need with them.

There are many body care options available to you.  We work with Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services, a family owned crematory, located south of Dayton in Sharonville.  They perform individual cremations at their facility and will return the cremains to our clinic, where you can then pick them up.  The cremains will be returned in your choice of either an engraved wooden urn or a plastic container for burial or scattering.  If you choose not to have the cremains returned to you, they will be buried at the Garden of the Pines in Millville, Ohio.  Some owners prefer to work with a local crematory or pet cemetery.  Routsong Funeral Home offers pet cremation, as does Pines Pet Cemetery, which also offers private burial plots.  Both are located in the Dayton Metro Area.

Some owners prefer to take their pet’s body home with them and bury them on their own private property.  You should check with your local government in regards to any codes that exist regarding this choice.