Your Grief

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If you have had love in your life, It can make up for a great many things missing
At Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic, we understand the love for each pet and recognize the grief that follows the death of a pet.  We know that each owner/pet bond is unique and therefore, your grief will be unique.

The resources here may aid you in this time. You will find support groups, books and websites that may help you understand the hurt.  You will also find ways to help remember or memorialize your pet.

Our relationship, in no way, ends with the loss of your pet. Therefore, if we can assist you through this time, please call us.

Thank you for the trust you put in us to care for your beloved pet.flower

Grief Resources

We all deal with grief in different ways and on different time lines.  Some of us will grieve quickly and fully while others will grieve for long periods of time and never fully deal with the emotional pain.  The following is a brief list of resources that may help you and your family through this time.

Support Groups


Children’s Books

 Memorial Options

Local Options

Low Cost or Free Options

  • Memorialize your pet at Bigger Road (click “Add Your Pet’s Memorial”)
  • Clay Paw prints
  • Ink Paw Prints (kits available through most craft stores)
  • Lock of hair from pet
  • Pictures with the Family
  • Many Good Memories
Pets Also Grieve
Animals are very attuned to their surroundings and their families. They notice when something is different.  Even when two pets do not seem “close” they will still grieve for the changes in their home life.

These are some things that you can do to help lessen the grief and stress your pet(s) may feel.

  • Spend more time with fellow pets
  • Take more walks
  • Take more car rides
  • Comb or brush your pet
  • Stay with pet during meal times
  • Extra toys/chews
  • Noise when pet is alone (ie. Radio, TV,etc)

There is no rule as to when or if you adopt another pet.  Know that a new pet will not remove the pain, but the interest and involvement with a new” family member” may help with the healing process.  Make sure you and your family are ready when you bring a new pet into the home.