Celebrating Life – Pet Hospice and Memorials

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Pets live for the moment. They don’t look to the future and they don’t live in the past.
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Pet Hospice Resources

We, at Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic, know the bond that exists between pet and owner.

We understand that our pets are like family members and that being faced with the illness of a pet can be as difficult and confusing as if they were human.

We offer these resources to address some of the questions and concerns you may have as you go through this difficult time.

It is in no way designed to take the place of the personal relationship your veterinarian has with you and your pet.  It is only a tool we use in assisting you with questions that so often escape your mind and options that are often too painful to talk about.

Therefore, if you have any questions that you desire to discuss with us personally, please call us.

We are honored that you have entrusted us with the care of your beloved pet.

It’s one of the hardest questions you may have to ask yourself. There are many joys to owning a pet but one of the unfortunate duties that we may encounter as an owner is deciding if it is time to end the suffering of our beloved friend.

Since pets can’t talk we look at indicators that they may show us to decide if the time is right. These are the things to consider. (Continue reading…)

At Bigger Road, we approach a pet’s end of life with as much respect, dignity and kindness as possible.  We offer options that are designed to comply with the desires of most pet owners, and we work hard to meet any special needs you may have.  (Continue reading…)
At Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic, we understand the love for each pet and recognize the grief that follows the death of a pet. We know that each owner/pet bond is unique and therefore, your grief will be unique.

Fellow pets also grieve. Animals are very attuned to their surroundings and their families. They notice when something is different. Even when two pets do not seem “close” they will still grieve for the changes in their home life. (Continue reading…)

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