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Explore Puppy Montessori

The benefits of our innovative combination of day care and puppy training


The Playground
Pets play in our state-of-the-art, park-style indoor facility in Springboro


Staff & Curriculum
Our trained behavior staff follow a curriculum developed by certified professional dog trainers


Hours & Pricing
Hours of operation, pricing, and packages


Ready to join us? We can't wait to see you!


More Services
Learn about our many other pet behavior services



day-care-9An innovative combination of day care and puppy training, Puppy Montessori combines group play, one-on-one training, and evening or weekend group classes to give your puppy the best start possible.

Like our Dog Day Care service, puppies in Montessori benefit from critical socialization and learn good manners in group play. Of course, rest breaks and nap time are included too! But puppies also spend time one-on-one with our trainers, learning basic commands, leash walking, and other good puppy behaviors.

Most importantly, included in all Montessori packages is an evening or weekend group class, where our trainers teach you and your puppy how to understand each other.



day-care-7Our Springboro Veterinary Center opened in April 2015, at 718 N Main St. in the Marketplace at Settlers Walk.

Our indoor play rooms feature over 2,500 square feet of indoor play space, state-of-the-art artificial turf from ForeverLawn designed specifically for pets, and gorgeous park-themed wall murals from Murals by Char. A large back door opens to fresh air and an outside fenced area in warm weather, yet the temperature controlled indoor environment allows for safe play year-round.

Panoramic windows allow you to see your pets playing any time, but special tinting prevents dogs from being distracted or over-stimulated by activity outside the playroom. Ample kennel space outside of the play areas gives pets a quiet place to rest and recharge.



day-care-6Bigger Road Veterinary Center is fortunate to have Certified Professional Dog Trainers on staff with years of experience in training instruction and group play. Leeann Holloway, CPDT-KA of Pups Grow Up manages the Puppy Montessori Program while Kristen Buinicky, pet training instructor, manages the Adult Montessori and Day Care Program. Our staff training follows the renowned Dog Gurus curriculum for safe off-leash dog play.

Rather than being reactive to behavior issues when they arise, our staff is trained to spot subtle behavior cues that can precede problems in group play and proactively manage them. The result is happier dogs, lower stress and anxiety, and better, safer group play.

This observation begins with the initial behavior assessment, before a dog ever joins group play. By getting to know each pet's personality individually, we can place them in play groups where they are most likely to thrive.


Hours and Pricing

Monday - Friday
7 am - 7 pm

(Scheduled in advance)

Puppy Montessori is Monday - Friday!
Full-Day Packages
5 days: $330
10 days: $498 (full day free!)
15 days: $665 (2 full days free!)

All packages include an Orientation to Clicker Training Class and a 4-week group training class!

Half-Day Packages
10 half-days: $345
15 half-days: $445

(Packages of 15 are for puppies who start before 12 weeks of age.)

Group Classes
Included with all Montessori packages, these sessions, led by our pet training instructors, help you tackle common behavior issues and teach good behaviors.

Convenient evening times!