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As veterinary medicine and the study of animal behavior advance, we learn more about the impact of training, enrichment, anxiety, and boredom on the health and happiness of our pets. 

We now understand that behavior is a critical component of pet health, and that's why Bigger Road Veterinary Center provides comprehensive behavior solutions for your pet.



While you're at work, your dog can spend the day with us at our Springboro Veterinary Center! In group play, your pet benefits from exercise and socialization, making friends, learning good behaviors and reducing boredom. Playing with other pets and our behavior staff, your pet is also only steps way from our medical team.

In our Adult Montessori program, play groups are combined with Day Training. Your pet receives one-on-one sessions with our trainers throughout the day, focusing on commands, and important real-life behaviors. All Montessori packages also include a 6-week group training class, with convenient evening and Saturday times available. These classes teach you and your dog how to communicate with each other!

remy-ball-pit-2-1500All pets in day care pass behavioral evaluations to ensure friendly play, and as our staff learns your pet's personality and preferences, the experience gets even better as we match your pet to the play group they like best. We also know that there can  be too much of a good thing, so all pets in day care get rest breaks and quiet time throughout the day.

Come play with us! Learn more about day care, including packages and pricing.



An innovative combination of day care and puppy training, Puppy Montessori combines group play, one-on-one training, and evening or weekend group classes to give your puppy the best start possible.

george-900Like our Dog Day Care service, puppies in Montessori benefit from critical socialization and learn good manners in group play. Of course, rest breaks and nap time are included too! But puppies also spend time one-on-one with our trainers, learning basic commands, leash walking, and other good puppy behaviors.

Most importantly, included in your Montessori package is an evening or weekend group class, where our trainers teach you and your puppy how to understand each other.

Learn more about Puppy Montessori, including packages and pricing.



No dog wants to misbehave or make you angry. Behavior problems most often occur because of miscommunication: your dog doesn't understand what you want, or you don't understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

buster-sitting-900Offered at our Springboro Veterinary Center with Pups Grow Up, our training classes teach you and your pet how to understand each other. Learn to read your pet's body language and signals, and to communicate with consistency and in a way your dog understands.

Available for both puppies and older dogs with convenient evening and weekend sessions, our training curriculum is designed by certified professional dog trainer Leeann Holloway, CPDT-KA. Through positive reinforcement techniques, you and your pet will develop a stronger bond and be happier and healthier.

Come learn with us! Find out more about our training classes, including schedules and pricing.



Behavior issues can be complex and difficult to diagnose. A dog's aggressive behavior or a cat's inappropriate elimination could have many potential causes, of a behavioral or medical nature.

consult-room-2000We are uniquely equipped to help in these circumstances because our doctors, behavior-trained technicians, and behaviorists work together to understand, diagnose, and solve behavior problems.

If you are dealing with a tough behavior issue that's impacting the health or happiness of you or your pet, please Call us. We are here to help.

We can help! Schedule an appointment for a behavior consultation.



Often, the solution to a behavior problem is a product. It may be:

  • A headcollar or harness to teach good leash manners
  • A calming shirt or pheromone spray to calm an anxious pet
  • litter attractant or scent deterrent to stop inappropriate elimination
  • A slow feeder bowl to prevent over-eager eating

Not all pet products are created equal! The product selection at pet stores can be overwhelming, and pet store staff may not be trained to lead you to the best solution, nor do they know your pet as well as your veterinarian.

retail-2000That's why our Springboro Veterinary Center has a Pet Boutique with carefully selected products, known by our doctors and behaviorists to be effective behavior solutions. We've found the best veterinary exclusive and pet store products for a wide variety of behavior issues, and put them all in one place.

Learn more about behavior solutions at our Pet Boutique.



Some behavior issues cannot be adequately addressed in a clinic setting - either because the undesired behavior only happens at home, or because the nature of the problem makes a public setting undesirable or unsafe for evaluation or training.

When you can't come to Bigger Road, we recommend Joann Hughes, CPDT-KA of Pawsitive Pet Behavior. Evaluation and training are provided one-on-one, in your home. Many difficult behavior issues can be effectively addressed this way, keeping pets and families together, happy and healthy.

Learn more about Pawsitive Pet Behavior.