Explore Behavior Services

For happy dogs and happy owners

Our revolutionary Dog Montessori program is unlike anything else in Dayton, and goes way beyond day care. Our Montessori programs for puppies and adult dogs combine:

  • Group play, with smaller groups and more enrichment than traditional dog day care
  • One-on-one time with our trainers focused on specific behavior goals
  • Desensitization to triggers present at home, at the vet, and more
  • Group training classes or private consultations that teach you how to nurture desired behaviors

For a stronger bond with your pet

Our one-hour behavior workshops are easy to fit into your schedule, and give you the knowledge and skills you need to tackle specific behavior issues and teach your pet desired behaviors. Topics include:

  • Polite House Manners
  • Jumping Up
  • Walk With Me
  • Happy Vet Visits
  • ... and more!

Fits your schedule and your needs

A group class environment and one-size-fits-all curriculum are not right for every dog. If your pet has specific behavior issues that aren't a good fit for group training, or you need training on a more flexible schedule, we can help. Private lessons offer:

  • Curriculum customized to the needs of you and your pet
  • Flexible dates and times to fit your busy schedule
  • One-on-one consultation and support

Where dog training meets veterinary medicine

Particularly challenging behavior issues, especially those involving fear, anxiety & stress, can benefit from an approach combining traditional training methods and the latest veterinary science. Our behavior and medical teams work closely together to address a wide range of behavior cases. We offer:

  • Fear Free℠ Certified and behavior-trained technicians and veterinarians
  • Coordination of traditional training methods and veterinary medicine, including pharmaceutical support when appropriate
  • A unique consultation environment at our Springboro Veterinary Center, designed to reduce fear, anxiety & stress

Get off to a great start

Whether you have a new puppy, a newly-adopted older dog, or an established family member with some problem behaviors, group training classes from Bigger Road or our partner, Pups Grow Up, can help you.

  • Teaches you how to get desired behaviors from your dog
  • Provides socialization with other dogs
  • Instills good manners in a variety of situations
  • Complements our Montessori program for truly outstanding results

Pawsitive Pet Behavior

Some behavior issues cannot be adequately addressed in a clinic setting - either because the undesired behavior only happens at home, or because the nature of the problem makes a public setting undesirable or unsafe for evaluation or training.

When you can't come to Bigger Road, we recommend Joann Hughes, CPDT-KA of Pawsitive Pet Behavior. Evaluation and training are provided one-on-one, in your home. Many difficult behavior issues can be effectively addressed this way, keeping pets and families together, happy and healthy.

Learn more about Pawsitive Pet Behavior.

Pups Grow Up

Available for both puppies and older dogs with convenient evening and weekend sessions at a variety of locations in the Dayton area, Pups Grow Up's curriculum is designed by certified professional dog trainer Leeann Holloway, CPDT-KA. Through positive reinforcement techniques, you and your pet will develop a stronger bond and be happier and healthier.

Find out more about Pups Grow Up.