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Full Service Grooming

Let our groomers treat your beloved pet with a day at the spa! We provide grooming services to our patients Monday through Saturday.

Bigger Road does it better!

Our highly skilled groomers have been pampering dogs and cats at Bigger Road for many years. They’re skilled at identifying possible medical problems like skin issues, ear infections and often are the first ones to find a new lump or bump. Because our groomers operate in the same building as our medical team these concerns can be quickly addressed by one of our doctors the same day!

Grooming for a long, healthy, happy life!

Routine grooming is an important part of all pets’ good health. Some dogs and cats require more frequent visits or specialty care to maintain their distinctive look. Our team can help with everything from an easy bath to a fully manicured look. It’s important to start grooming visits early in puppies and kittens so they get used to the experience and can have fun while they are here.

Pet Grooming Services

Our post popular services are:

  • Breed specific haircuts
  • Shave downs
  • Puppy cuts
  • Baths
  • Special medicated baths
  • De-skunking

All grooming services include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and a blow dry!

Grooming services are available at our Kettering and Springboro locations, Monday through Saturday.

Want to know more?

To schedule an appointment or find out more about full-service grooming, Call or contact us online today!


Self-Serve Grooming

Bathing your pet at home is a pain! Our specially designed self-service grooming facilities make the experience quicker, more effective, and happier for you and your dog.


We supply everything: the tubs, water, shampoo, dryers, and brushes! Want a true spa experience? Stop by our pet boutique first for a special spa-quality shampoo, cologne, or paw treatment!

You'll have access to same shampoos, sprays, and tools that our professional groomers use! Or for something really special, check out the spa-quality products in our Pet Boutique when you come in!

Ready for use in the Pet Spaw:

Groomer’s Edge Professional Shampoos

Fresh ‘n Clean Shampoos & Colognes

Master Grooming Tools Brushes & Combs

Or find these spa-quality products in our Pet Boutique to use in the Spaw and then take home!

Tropiclean Spa Shampoos & Colognes

Scentament Spa Shampoos & Colognes

Furminator Shampoos & Conditioners

Want to know more?

Our self-serve dog wash is available as a walk-in service in Springboro:

  • Monday through Friday: 10am - 6pm
  • Saturday: 8am - 12pm

Call or contact us online today for more information!