Springboro’s Bigger Road Veterinary Center

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Bigger Road Veterinary Center

Bigger Road Veterinary Center of Springboro, at 718 N Main St.

Opened in April 2015, the expanded Bigger Road Veterinary Center for Pet Health & Enrichment in Springboro is much more than a veterinary clinic! Our state of the art medical services and compassionate staff, combined with our many new service offerings, help you provide total life care for your pet in a way that has never been possible before.



Explore the Future of Pet Care!

Take a Walk in the Park
See our revolutionary design and architecture
Pet Boutique Retail Store
Essential pet products recommended by veterinarians and behaviorists
Pet Spaw Dog Grooming
Self-serve and full service grooming
Day Care, Montessori & Training
Part of our comprehensive behavior program
Canine Underwater Treadmill
Revolutionary rehabilitation and mobility support
Alternative Medicine & Pain Management
Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy, Class IV laser, and more



Designed and built by Bon Builders, being in the new Bigger Road is like taking a walk in the park - you and your pet have never seen anything like it!

Pups will enjoy the scenery in our Pet Boutique, while your kitty can watch tropical fish in the separate cat waiting area. Our Day Care and Puppy Montessori rooms feature panoramic windows and full-wall paintings from Murals by Char.

The cottage-themed exam rooms on our country lane (complete with serpentine wall and vintage lamp posts) welcome you and your pet to a safe, friendly place!

Pet BoutiqueBR 49day-care-mural-5



Pet Boutique

Pet Boutique at 718 N Main

Our pet boutique provides a wide variety of veterinarian-recommended pet products, and allows you to take home the best products for your pet today, without making another stop.

Our product solutions are focused on:

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Bathing your pet at home is a pain! Our specially designed self-service grooming facilities make the experience quicker, more effective, and happier for you and your dog.

We supply everything: the tubs, water, shampoo, dryers, and brushes! Want a true spa experience? Stop by our pet boutique first for a special spa-quality shampoo, cologne, or paw treatment!





day-care-10Drop your dog off for a day of fun and enrichment at day care! Your pet will enjoy a fun-filled day in play groups, making friends with other dogs and our trained staff. Our staff receives extensive training in canine behavior, and during hospital hours our medical staff is always close by.

Learn more about our behavior services!

Our Montessori school for puppies and adults combines day care and training in a whole new way, and is perfect for busy families. During the day, your pup receives individual attention from our trainers, and also learns valuable social skills in play group. On evenings or weekends, the whole family joins in and learns how to foster your pet’s newly learned good behaviors!

Learn more about our behavior services!




Underwater Treadmill

"Clifford" enjoys his Underwater Treadmill therapy

Carmen Kolz’s Canine Underwater Treadmill joins Bigger Road at the Springboro Veterinary Center, providing a valuable alternative therapy option.

Underwater treadmill is an effective treatment for a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Carmen Kolz is the most experienced treadmill hydrotherapy practitioner in the country, and we have the only underwater treadmill in the Miami Valley!

Learn more about hydrotherapy with Underwater Treadmill.





Dr. Megan Strahler, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

A new alternative medicine and pain management suite incorporates acupuncture, Class IV laser therapy, and rehabilitation services.

Dr. Megan Strahler, a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Chinese food therapy in combination with Western medicine to meet a variety of patient needs.

Many patients see improved healing from injuries or surgery, better management of chronic pain, and an overall happier, healthier life when treated with Eastern medicine.