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Meet Our Trainers

Our Day Care and Training staff facilitate our Puppy Montessori and Adult Montessori programs, as well as group and private training classes and behavior consultations. They also play a critical role in establishing a lifetime of Fear Free℠ care for your pet, by helping your pet become used to common veterinary environments and situations.

Kristen Buinicky, Adult Day Care and Montessori Supervisor

Kristen joined the practice in 2015.  She came with several years of experience managing various day care facilities. As well as several years of shelter work experience, she has been training dogs for over 10 years. She loves everything about behavior and is always looking to learn more. She teaches obedience classes and private lessons for Bigger Road Veterinary Center as well as another area practice.
She shares her home with an 8 year old Himalayan named Bentley, an 8 year old Snowshoe Siamese mix named Koda and a 14 year old Maine Coon mix named Mafia. All three cats are clicker trained.

Kristen is a certified Fear Free Professional and the Team Lead of our Montessori and Training department.


Erin & Zodiac

Erin M. grew up in Tipp City, OH. She graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelors Degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences in 2012. After a few years of searching for the right job she decided to go with what her heart truly wanted and joined the Bigger Road Day Care Staff in 2015. Her favorite part of her job is seeing the joy the dogs have when they show up and when they train. She lives with her husband, Justin and daughter, Caydence. Together they have a boxer/husky mix named Frankie, a siberian husky named Zodiac, and 2 silver and grey shorthairs named Triton and Charlie.

Zach, Sarah, Vance and Barrett

Zach grew up in the Springboro area, and now lives there with his wife Sarah, and son Emerson. They currently have 2 dogs a 10 yr old Australian shepherd named Vance and a 5 yr old Great Pyrenees named Barrett. Hobbies include camping, hiking fishing, and anything outdoors. Zach worked as a auto/diesel mechanic for 18 yrs before he came to work at Bigger Road.

Katie and Rio

Katie joined the Bigger Road daycare team in early 2016, shortly after moving to Ohio from Austin, Texas.  After adopting her very first dog, a spunky black lab named Rio, Katie decided against continuing her education in physics in order to follow her passion for working with animals. She started working with dogs at a local humane society and developed an affinity for training and behavior. Graduating from Karen Pryor Academy in November, 2016, she is now a certified dog trainer.
Katie enjoys reading, hiking, backpacking, camping, watching movies, cooking, eating, spending time with her boyfriend Kavir, playing and training with Rio.

Erin & Louie

Erin T. started working for Bigger Road Vet Clinic at the end of 2016 as a trainer in the day care program. She has enjoyed getting to know all the dogs and their owners as well as learning more about clicker training. Before coming to Bigger Road she worked for 2 years at another local dog day care.  There she learned a lot about dog behavior as well as canine communication. She has always loved animals and started volunteering at an animal shelter as soon as she was old enough. She worked in a dog and cat rescue after college and fostered many dogs and cats.  She lives with her own three dogs at home:   Louie, a boxer mix, Agnes, a boxer, and Jayda, a pit bull mix.


Heather attended Animal Behavior College and has been training ever since graduating from ABC about 7 years ago. She then continued to study animal behavior at Brigham Young University Idaho. She has two wonderful dogs and a grumpy cat, all three of whom love to snuggle.

Emily, RVT

Emily, also a registered technician, was raised in Beavercreek, and resides in Greene County with her husband and two children.  She earned her degree in veterinary technology in 1988 and has been a technician with Bigger Road since 1993.  Emily finds all areas of veterinary medicine valuable but behavior work and developing our Fear Free initiative are the most meaningful to her.  “Your pet’s physical and emotional comfort is what is most important to me.”

Emily is a Certified Fear Free Professional and a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy.

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