Fear Free: Let low-stress win!

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Thanks to our friends at DVM360 for featuring our Dr. Nichole Olp in an interview about Fear Free℠!

From DVM360:

What happens when the cat or dog is overweight and the high-value treat—the one that snags the patient’s attention and gets the saliva dripping—is chock-full of calories?

That’s gonna take some explaining, says Nichole Olp, DVM, an associate at Bigger Road Veterinary Center in Springboro, Ohio, who’s focused on calming down patients and teaching them that there’s nothing (well, less) to fear at the veterinary hospital.

Read the full article at DVM360!

About Fear Free℠

Bigger Road is at the forefront of a Fear Free℠ revolution in veterinary care! We now understand so much more about our pets’ emotional needs and how stress and anxiety impact their health and happiness.

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