Guess the Breed: Family Tree Revealed! (Dog DNA Test)

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Last updated September 10, 2015

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11986361_1131965496831102_5902303216084472193_nAs we told you a few weeks ago, our Dr. Nichole Olp has a beautiful pup named Isis. Dr. Olp recently ordered a DNA test for Isis to find out what mix of breeds make her friend who she is.

The results are in, and Isis’s family tree is surprising, to say the least!

Isis's Family Tree

Isis’s Family Tree

As you can see (and may have guessed from her pictures), Isis has Shar-Pei on both sides of her family tree. From there it gets a little more interesting, as the DNA test also revealed Staffordshire Bull TerrierWhippet, and Bernese Mountain Dog!

Curious about your own pet’s history? Read more about DNA testing for dogs and Call or contact us online!