Stop sale on Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried chicken patties

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Last updated July 5, 2015

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Stop sale: Stella & Chewy's Chicken Patties freeze-dried dog food

Stop sale: Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Patties freeze-dried dog food

UPDATE: RECALL – Multiple varieties of Stella & Chewy’s frozen and freeze-dried food for dogs AND cats have now been voluntarily recalled. See this post for more information.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has issued a stop sale on Stella & Chewy’s brand freeze-dried chicken patties for dogs, due to the presence of Listeria bacteria in FDA testing.

The affected lot number is: 111-15. The bags will have a use by date of April 23, 2016.

UPDATE: This product, as well as many others, have now been voluntarily recalled. Click here for more information. 

From the Maryland Department of Agriculture web site:

Listeria is not only dangerous to dogs, it can also be deadly to small children, the elderly and those with auto immune disorders.  Consumers who have unopened bags of this dog food are urged to keep it sealed, away from people and to throw it away. Those who have opened bags of this dog food are urged to use disposable gloves, place them in double plastic bags, seal it and throw it away.

MDA has notified all distributors and a number of stores known to sell the product. The listeria was identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which is undertaking a surveillance of raw pet food. The FDA notified the state today.

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