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Last updated April 10, 2014

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We get it: pet nutrition is confusing! Did you know that Bigger Road offers exclusive nutritional tools for clients that make it simple? Read all about it here, and ask us at your next appointment!

Feeding Plans

Customized feeding plan

Customized feeding plan

If your pet needs to slim down a bit, is an overweight-prone breed, or you are just confused by your pet food labels, you will love our customized Feeding Plans.

This is a guide made just for you and your pet – his weight, his goals, and the food and treats he likes. You will know how much to feed and how much to treat, without scrutinizing food labels.

Post it on the fridge and everyone in the house will know exactly what to do to keep your pet on track!

Food Recommendations

Not sure what you should be feeding? The hundreds of choices at the pet store certainly

Customized food recommendations

Customized food recommendations

don’t make it easy, but we have you covered. Based on your pet’s needs and your preferences, we can provide you with a list of recommended foods. We tell you:

  • Where to find them
  • How much you’ll pay
  • What the packages look like
  • Why they’re good choices for your pet

Don’t go into the maze of food aisles at the pet store without a map!

We’re here to help!

Questions about pet nutrition? Call or e-mail us ( today!