Cat Friendly: Tips for a Stress-Free Visit

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Last updated April 10, 2014

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AAFP Cat Friendly PracticeBigger Road is an American Association of Feline Practitioners Cat Friendly practiceThat means we do everything we can to make your cat’s visit as stress-free as possible.

What does it mean to be “cat friendly?”

Here are some of the things we do to ensure your pet’s comfort during each visit:


Feliway reduces stress

  • Separate entrances for cats and dogs
  • Feliway spray and Thundershirts to calm cats in the lobby and examination rooms
  • Music and feliway diffusers in our relaxing Cat Ward, where cats stay separately from dogs, and are away from high noise and activity levels
  • Low-stress handling techniques during examinations and procedures
  • Examinations performed in a sequence designed to avoid elevating stress levels

The most “cat friendly” vet visit starts at home!

In addition to all we do, did you know that there are things you can do before and during your visit to minimize stress?

In addition to all we do, did you know that there are things you can do before and during your visit to minimize stress? Try these tips:

  • Leave your pet’s carrier out and open all the time. Once it becomes a familiar place in your home that they can come and go from as they please, the carrier will cause much less stress when it is time to visit the vet.
  • Make sure the carrier sits flat. Cats become uncomfortable when they are forced to be situated on an incline.
  • Don’t put the carrier on the floor. Cats feel safer when they are elevated. Having the carrier on the floor in our lobby or examination room may make your cat feel vulnerable. We encourage you to use our counter or exam tables to keep your cat up high and feeling safe.
  • Use Feliway at home. In the clinic, we use Feliway to put your cat at ease. And while Feliway works quickly, it will work even better if you spray it on a towel or bed in the carrier before leaving home. Your cat’s stress level will be easier to manage if it is not as elevated to begin with.

Have more questions about ensuring a stress free visit for your feline family member? We’re here to help! Call or contact us online today!